Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Some fonts not printed correctly on "Cocoa with Love" site

Found this site called Cocoa with Love with lots of handy information, lots of them still too difficult for me unfortunately :-( ...

Was looking at this page called  Easy custom UITableView drawing, printed out from work to read it on the train. But as below (scanned from the print out), some of the words somehow not recognisable at all??!!
However when viewed from browser there's no problem at all.... very strange...

Checked the source, those fonts are covered in "<code></code>" tags, which are defined as below and doesn't seem to be unusual?

code, span.monospace {
font-family:Courier, monospace;

Not sure if this has anything to do with the printer or is it the CSS on the site. It's just not user friendly... Unless the author did that on purpose to stop people form printing their web pages - which I doubt it...

Any way, I learned 2 new things from that page:
(1) there's this tool called nib2objc which can convert NIB files into Objective-C, and 
(2) this free drawing tool called Inkscape
Will definitely give both of them a try!

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