Tuesday, 30 August 2011

XCode 4 says "requires Max OS X 10.6.6" when tried to install on Lion

You got to be kidding me... Tried to install XCode 4 on Lion (10.7.1), and it says "iPhone SDK requires Max OS X 10.6.6 - to install the iOS SDK you must quit the installer and upgrade to Max OS X 10.6.6"...

Yeah right, luckily Apple now offers XCode 4.1 for Lion free - I guess this is another incentive to encourage all developers to upgrade to Lion?

Only trouble is, another huge 4GB download...


  1. I download the version 4 with ios sdk xcode 4.3 It is also lion and I have the same message appeared to me then please download 4.3GB if I download the sdk xcode 4.1 with 4.3 This time if it worked! thanks

  2. isn't it version 10.6.6 ?

    1. Hi, yes Xcode 4 is for os x 10.6.6 but mine is lion (10.7), and the message ask me to "upgrade" to 10.6.6, won't have that issue with later version of Xcode that can recognize lion.