Friday, 23 September 2011

Gideros studio - develop iPhone apps without Mac?

Saw ManiacDev mentioned about this new free "Lua Game Development Tool" called Gideros Studio.

Had a quick look and it looks quite interesting. One of the most important feature would be it allows you to develop iPhone/iPad apps completely on Windows platform - believe Apple won't be happy about that!

As you still have to learn this script language called "Lua", so it surely wouldn't be as easy for non-technical background people as GameSalad. Plus looks like it's still quite new and lacks lots of information (e.g. Tutorials, real apps submitted to App Store, ...etc), so might still have to wait a bit longer for it to build up market share...


  1. Thanks for your encouraging words!

    Gideros Studio helps developers build iOS and (soon, in 2-3 weeks) Android applications easily, using an IDE. As you mentioned, we chose Lua as our primary platform since it's easy to learn and (with Gideros) it's object oriented.

    There are many documentations in our wiki [1], and we are working hard to put more tutorials and sample, working code to start with.

    Just wanted to say "hi" and "thanks" :-)



  2. Thanks for the info, it would definitely make Gideros Studio more attractive if you can just develop once and then build for both iOS and Android.

  3. Thanks! Now Gideros Studio is more attractive ;) You can write once and build for both iOS & Android starting with current release.

    More platforms are coming.