Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Is having a constant/similar style important?

While still working on my next project, I started spending some time analysing some of the popular games available at the moment. One of the topic I am looking at, is the constant/similar style of game design.

As you might be aware, the games from Nimblebit has always been quite popular. I love the "Tiny Tower", "Textropolis" and "Sky Burger", while my kids are big fans of "Pocket Frogs".

However, if you compare between the games from Nimblebit, the style seems to be quite different between most of them. Which leads me to think probably some of development work were outsourced?

While I am a big fan of games from another company called Donut Games. Their games are always very smooth in the flow, very user-friendly, easy to play/follow, and comes with very nice graphic/music/icon design. As shown below, even all the icons of their games follows constant/similar style and shows a number at the bottom.

I guess having a constant/similar style doesn't necessary have any direct relationship with whether your games will be popular or not. Plus there's nothing wrong outsourcing your game development to external companies. As long as it's a big hit, who cares?

For beginners like me, it's all these learning experiences that slowly build up the confidence and skills required to handle different kind of scenarios and designs.

It certainly helps to always stop for a while, look back at what you have been doing, do some analysis of all those popular apps and borrow some ideas from them. Then, adjust the direction a bit, and then hopefully create a much better app then previously planned!

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