Monday, 5 September 2011

Problem with Instrument 4.1 (Build 4138)/ Xcode 4.1 (Build 4B110) running on Lion OS X 10.7?

I was testing my new "Memorise Me If You Can" game on my new 13" MacBook Pro running Lion OS X 10.7 using the Instrument/XCode 4.1. Noticed whenever I started Instrument it just hung and I wasn't able to stop or quit or pause it. Only way to stop is "Force Quite" which is quite annoying.

Wonder if any one experiencing same problem? I then run the same thing on another OS X 10.6.7 with Instrument/XCode 4.0, it works perfectly without any problem. I can stop or quite at any time.

I have posted 2 videos as below, 1st from 10.6.7 with Instrument/XCode 4.0, the 2nd one from 10.7 with Instrument 4.1 (Build 4138)/ Xcode 4.1 (Build 4B110).

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  1. Yes i have the same problem too.It looks like the new mac os lion and new xcode causing a bit of problems so far...