Sunday, 25 September 2011

Stop killing open source!!

Noticed this game called "Bubble Explosion" almost identical to ABC123 - sequence in App Store. It was originally selling for $1.99, now reduced to free.

Alright, to be fair, this guy did change the background colour from green to blue, the front menu, and when the game starts, the background bubble image wasn't displayed.

Other than those mentioned above, everything is identical. Yes, even the font, the bubble image, the labels, the messages, everything...

I guess that's where all those copyright/legal licensing thing comes in. The web site of ABC123 probably hasn't been updated for a while. Info about sharing source code by author Jedidiah Laudenslayer in 2008 is available here but it no longer works). So can't really tell what info did the author put in there as I don't have a copy.

It's always quite encouraging to see so many developers sharing their knowledge and willing to help others on the net. However this kind of lazy, disgraced behaviour makes me sad.

Even though I haven't publish any app in the App Store yet, I would be really really mad if this happened to any of my published open sourced apps.

I think it's time to review my "Take your kids, family or love ones for a few hours of outdoor activities license". And probably only release source code of any published open source game after at least 6 months after published. Please let me know if you have any other idea...

[Update 11/04/2012] This issue has been on my mind for a while. After calmed down a bit, I think it's me who is the silly one - who didn't fully understand the meaning of Open Source at the beginning, then probably felt hurt as others published something before me using my code (I still haven't publish anything yet :-( ...), thus came up with all these negative stuffs.

But hey, that's Open Source! You suppose to feel proud that someone did copy your stuff as that would be some sort of "recognition"!

My apology if my negative feeling caused any confusion or hurt any one. Was thinking of deleting this/other post, but on second thought, decide to leave it as a reminder - to show what sort of dumb mistake I have made - released code as Open Source and then criticise others for copying it.... Silly me...

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