Wednesday, 12 October 2011

4th Open Source Game - Follow Me If You Can

After a few weeks hard work, I am please to announce my 4th Open Source game - "Follow Me If You Can" - released in MIT license.

It's a very simple memory game: the computer moves some tiles around and you have to remember all the moves. As when it's your turn you have to repeat it. You get points for every correct move, extra bonus and life if all correct. You loose life for every incorrect move - but the correct move will be shown as hint.

Some screen dumps as below:

1. My first project to have background music and sound effect (applause for every level that's completed with no mistake)
2. Start up menu and game over menu
3. Keeps top 10 scores, options to view from both start up and game over menu
4. Simple tutorial/how to play screen using a scrollview
5. First project to use KVO - for displaying hint after any incorrect move
6. The number of tiles for the width/height increases every 2 levels
7. The number of moves increases every level
8. To make it not too difficult, the game starts with 5 lives, and you get bonus life for every level that's completed with no mistake
9. Handles rotation

I have also create a short demo video on YouTube as below to show you how it works.

I first read about KVO from "Back to Basics: Using KCO" by Mike Nachbaur, thought it's a pretty cool idea. Unfortunately most of the game already completed, so in the end only use it for displaying the hint when user made a mistake. Will surely try to use it more frequently in future projects.

As the Instrument 4.1 on OS X 10.7 Lion problem still not resolved yet, I can only test my code on the 10.6.7 box in Instrument 4.0 and it passed without any memory leak or zombie problem.

The background image is from defcon-x and I like to thank him/her for scanning all the different wood textures and provide it for free.

The images are from Microsoft Office for Mac 2011.

As I am starting to learn Cocos2D, not sure if I will create any more "pure objective-c" games like this. Let's hope Cocos2D is as good as the others claimed - as that's why it's so popular?

Hope you enjoy the game and can learn something from the code, let me know if need any further information or found any bug.

Happy coding!

Link to Source Code for Follow Me If You Can Ver 1.00

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  1. Been following your work for a while now, dude you helped me a lot with the stuff you provided on your blog. I've actually worked on something similar but yours turned out way better than mine. Good stuff and thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us