Sunday, 13 November 2011

Almost ready - 5th Open Source Game (1st in Cocos2D) "Dice in Cup"

Sort of "almost" finished my 5th Open Source Game (1st in Cocos2D), still working on code tidying at the moment - hopefully this won't break the code :-)...

Although I called it "Dice in Cup" - which is what I first intended to do - it now looks quite different. The "Dice" is now actually the "Seeker" image from Cocos2D, and the "Cup" is actually a ugly green rock image I created in Inkscape in 5 minutes.

It's a very simple game and everyone can easily understand it within seconds. Though it's quite slow and simple at the beginning, when you reached level 9 and above, the cups move really fast and it's quite difficult following it to work out which is the right one.

I purposely picked this game as my first Cocos2D game project and the result was quite good. I now have a better idea of how all the powerful "actions" works. Was stuck with the "Cup" moving logic and the game logic for a while. Although still not 100% clear on how some of the schedule and CCSprite class stuffs work yet, after this project I felt a bit more confident in dealing with it now.

Uploaded a short demo on YouTube as below.

Hopefully can finalise all the work in the next few days and will let you know when it's all completed!

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