Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Malware detected in forum by chrome 14.0.835.202

I got a chrome session with forum left overnight, and this morning when I look at it, Chrome says "Warning: Something is not right here!" and the content talks about malware. The chrome version is 14.0.835.202, wonder if the forum admin guys aware of this, probably some sort of injection attack?


  1. that site is distributing a virus, I accidentally went there a minute ago and norton warned me of a funny .exe file trying to run.
    I also have seen discussion of this issue that is 2 years old, so that leads me to believe that the owner of the site has been aware of the problem but chooses not to solve it.

  2. Their twitter site says that they fixed it.
    That was dated Nov 15 2011.
    Google removed them from blacklist.
    They still have the virus or whatever!!!
    Google needs to put them back on the blacklist.
    A google search for "iphonedevsdk malware" shows
    that they have been fighting this for over a year.