Friday, 9 December 2011

New way to declare private methods

Normally I would put private methods in the header file. But noticed from "Learn Cocos2D 2nd Edition" book a different way been used.

The header file is quite simple:

#import "cocos2d.h"

@interface HelloWorld : CCLayer

// returns a Scene that contains the HelloWorld as the only child
+(id) scene;


The private methods are however declared in the .m file as shown below with "(PrivateMethods)" added behind "@interface":

#import "HelloWorldScene.h"

// private methods are declared in this manner to avoid "may not respond to ..." compiler warnings
@interface HelloWorld (PrivateMethods)
-(void) onCallFunc;
-(void) onCallFuncN:(id)sender;
-(void) onCallFuncND:(id)sender data:(void*)data;
-(void) onCallFuncO:(id)object;
-(void) createLabelWithOffset:(int)offset;

@implementation HelloWorld

This is completely new to me and indeed quite interesting!

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