Thursday, 19 January 2012

Nextpeer makes your game more attractive and interesting

Joined Nextpeer recently, as I quite like the idea and design. Imagine just by adding a few lines your single player game will be transformed into a multi-players game, how cool is that!

Even the tutorial on the site (after signed up and logged in to developer site) uses the Puff Puff as example. So make sure you read my previous post about how to run Puff Puff in your iOS5 simulator.

I guess the only drama at the moment is, there wasn't much technical info available yet. There's only a video tutorial about how to do it if you use Cocos2D. If your game is not using Cocos2D, might have to wait a bit longer until more details become available. 

[UPDATE 20/01/2012] Thanks to Daniel Shir and Shai Magzimof from Nextpeer who pointed out to me that Nextpeer does support other games not using Cocos2D. I checked their developer site again this morning and confirmed that it's my mistake - sorry for that.

What I should say is, there's only a video about how to use Nextpeer using Puff Puff as example (which uses Cocos2D) - would be more handy if they can also provide a few more videos about other games, start up a forum, add more examples, FAQ, more technical info targeting developers of different skill levels,....etc.

But certainly worth a look! Definitely worth a look!

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