Saturday, 28 January 2012

Second test with Nextpeer - Success!

I had another play with Nextpeer today, mostly based on the sample game. After a few failed attempts - mostly due to the sample game using "NSNotification" but mine doesn't - finally got it working after a few rounds of tweaking.

Also found that even if I added 2nd tournament, it still picks up the previous one for some reason. From the comments can see something as below about more than one tournament.

//------------------------------- Nextpeer SDK ---------------------------------//
// STEP2 - PART 2
// Nextpeer: This delegate method will be called once the user is about to start a
//            tournament with the given id.
// @note: If your game supports more than one type of tournament, you should use tournamentUuid to start the right one.

But I can't find any info about how to use the "tounamentUuid"?? That's the biggest issue I have - lack of information.

It's indeed quite interesting watching your own game changed into multiple player by adding a few lines here and there. Would be interested to see how can we tell whether the other players are real or simulated ones? Or is it just the user experience that matters, who cares whether it's real or simulated?

It's a bit late now and got a few things to sort out first, will definitely post some info in the next post! Ciao!

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