Friday, 3 February 2012

Response from Shai/Nextpeer

Thanks to Shai/Nextpeer who answered a few questions I raised before, please see below.


Regarding your further questions in the post:

2) Like to see example of setting up Netxpeer with non-Cocos2D projects
- We will upload a new video and tutorial next week about how to integrate a simple Objective-C game.

3) How is the gold coins been handled? 
What if I run out of coins, how do I get more? 
Is that through in-app purchase or some other methods?
How is the profit distributed between Nextpeer and the developer?
  • The gold coins are separated for each game (as same as the level for each game)
  • Currently, if you ran out of coins you'll automatically get a small amount for free. (You need to close the app and come back to do that)
  • In a few weeks we plan to launch an SDK with iAP for coins. We will enable developers sell iAP and do rev-share with us. 
  • The rev-share info is usually 50-50.
  • Using the coins your users will be able to buy an avatar and other things to their friends.
  • Also, in the near future we'll provide developers the ability to sell virtual goods or "power ups" for multiplayer mode using Nextpeer coins.

Please check the Stanford event next week on Tuesday:
- Mobile Gaming Class @ Stanford GSB: Make a Multiplayer iOS Game in 75 Minutes
It would be great if you can share it with other friends/people.

Thanks for your posts. It really helps us. 


~ Shai

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