Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Universal project is the way to go?

As you might be aware, Apple sold more iPad in last 3 months of 2011 than HP (see reports here and here as example), this sort of pushed me to not only targeting iPhone, but also more into Universal projects - targeting both iPhone and iPad.

As I still don't quite like NIB files, so although Xcode automatically creates 2 separate NIB files I still like to "parameterise" the display section, and setup different parameters accordingly depending on the platform it's running on.

I also moved back to the non-Cocos2D world, trying to refresh my memory and make myself more familiarise with the non-Cocos2D way of doing things. So far so good, hopefully can get something working very soon.

Unfortunately got stuck on something today - was trying to use Nextpeer to add "multi-player" function - however, found it doesn't work with iPad that well (as shown below) and confirmed with Daniel/Nextpeer that iPad support is still not ready yet. So looks like have to put multi-player part for iPad version on hold for a while.

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