Friday, 30 March 2012

Can't get Unity3D 3.5 to work on my iPhone for XCode 4.3.1 [Updated]??

Unity 3D is having a special offer to download Unity3D 3.5 for free. I tried it, installed on my MacBook Pro. But can't get it to run properly on my iPhone 3GS, tried friend's iPhone 4, also same issue. I can see the splash screen comes up ok, but then it crashed, the screen dump is as below.

At first, this was with the demo project AngryBots. I thought may be it's too complicate, so I tried that tutorial from Ray Wenderlich. Even with a blank scene in a brand new project, it still crashed when I tried to run it on my iPhone.....

Any one got any idea how to fix that? Looks like 3D Game development is not as easy as I first thought...

[Update 02/04/2012]
After some research, actually most of time spent in learning about transferring my developer profile from MacBook to old box (OS X 10.6.7 with XCode 4.0), I was finally able to get the demo project AngryBots running on my iPhone 3GS (iOS 4.3.5), yeah!

Lucky I left the phone with old version as if I have updated it to iOS 5, probably can't get it to run with XCode 4.0. I can understand Apple would like to push for everyone to upgrade all their devices to the latest version, but to be more flexible, there should be options which allows developers to "down grade" their iOS device to older version, plus should also allow XCode 4 on Snow Leopard to run latest XCode (4.3.1), well, that's a different topic...

So, while waiting for Unity to fix the issue with XCode 4.3.1, at least I got a backup work around to play with. Who says those old boxes are useless? :-)

Screen dump from iPhone 3GS shown below:

[Update 25/04/2012]
I think the link about the problem has been updated to this link

It says:
All these issues were fixed by Unity 3.5.1f2 release and we highly recommend upgrade to it. 
This release also adds iPad3 (aka The New iPad) high-res splashscreen and icon support. 

[Update 27/04/2012]
Tested with Unity 3.5.1 and confirmed it's working ok now. Now, how do you do Hello World in Unity?
Damn, a lot more new things to learn....


  1. It's current being sorted via Unity, check their site for a work-around.

    1. Hi, thanks for the info. I tried searching in their forum and support site but can't find anything relevant yet. Will keep trying, would you be kind enough to share the work around with us? Thanks a lot!

    2. OK, I found this one "Xcode 4.3.1 / iOS SDK 5.1 Known Issues (postpone upgrade)" in "".

      And yes, my Xcode is 4.3.1, will try it again with diff SDK version see if it works.