Thursday, 5 April 2012

6thMega site down?

Looks like the whole web site for 6thMega is down at the moment. The godaddy info says it's expired 23/3/2012, hope they can get it restored soon. Also checked 6thMega's twitter account , but it hasn't been updated since March 2011. Wonder what happened to them, any one heard of anything about them?

As I mentioned in this tutorial, 6thMega published the source code of their PuffPuff game to the public. But now that their site is down, people can't get the code any more, and I already received a few email requests asking for help to get a copy of the code.

As it's now sort of open source, though the copyright still belongs to 6thMega, should be ok for me to provide a link to help others to download the code, right? Will try to workout something from home tonight...

I have uploaded the copy of PuffPuff V1.1 I downloaded last November to this link. Please note that the copyright still belongs to 6thMega, and this is just a temporarily work around while the 6thMega site is unavailable. Please let me know if you have problem with the link or any other issue with this sharing. Thanks.


  1. Still not getting it. Can you check the link? Thanks.

  2. Hi,
    Not sure which link you are referring to.
    If you are after the 6thmega site link, sorry I can't do anything about it as that's not my site.
    If you are talking about the link which I uploaded the PuffPuff V1.1, I just checked and it's working ok.
    Please try again.