Thursday, 12 April 2012

Have you started using Source Control in XCode 4?

I always know the importance of Source Control. But I always got hundreds of excuses for doing it tomorrow, or put it down in the bottom of the to do list. Until I accidentally deleted a full working project today.....

Lucky I saved it back from Trash, but the shock still gave me high blood pressure for at least an hour or two.....

It could take a while to setup and understand the concept if you never done it before, so would suggest you to try it with a small project first. Make sure you are clear with all the required steps first before putting your major stuffs in there.

Have a look at this Apple document, and try to do some search on the net.

Good luck and hope you won't be so un-careful as me, but I surely learned the lesson in the hard way...

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  1. Thats for sure at the bottom of the list, couldn't agree with you more.