Thursday, 3 May 2012

Yes! My first app approved!

It seems to be a lot smoother/faster than I have expected. Received an email saying my app has been approved! What? I wasn't even ready for it yet!?

A high level time line:(Sydney time)
26/4 (Thu) 22:00 submitted app
26/4 (Thu) 22:27 received email saying app status is "Waiting for Review"
3/5 (Thu) 10:16 received email saying app status is "In Review"
3/5 (Thu) 11:24 received email saying app status is "Processing for App Store"
3/5 (Thu) 11:27 received email saying app status is "Ready for Sale"

Whole process about one week (6.5 days?). The last email also said it may take up to 24 hours before the app is live in the App Store.

So it takes less than hour to review an app - won't be too surprise with that as my app is very simple and they must have received thousands of submissions everyday.

Any way, will wait for it to become live. Now it's time to think about what to put in to fix those screen captures which wasn't done properly before...

What a relief... Never expect it to be approved on first submission. Not bad for a first timer. Let me know if you got more "exciting" experience with your first app submission to share.


  1. Congrats buddy. Looks good!!!

    1. Thanks! Already found some bug :-( , fixed and submitted ver 1.01 for review on thursday night, hopefully will be available soon!