Monday, 18 June 2012

Lots of fun with Unity 3D

While waiting for my 2nd game to be approved (submitted on 11/June) - which strangely takes longer than a week this time, I was wondering around looking for ideas and new stuffs. Then had a quick browse of this book "Beginning 3D Game Development with Unity" by Sue Blackman and I got hooked with Unity 3D!

Only spent about an hour or two, and I got a spinning sphere and cube running in 3D, amazing.

The most interesting part is it's ability to deploy to different platforms. I tried the Web one (shown above), Mac and also iOS. Except the iOS one needs some code change as the "OnMouseDown" function wasn't supported for iOS (haven't work out how to fix that yet :-P ), they all worked perfectly. I don't have an Android phone to test, otherwise would be perfect, all major platforms covered!

Still not quite used to the idea of coding everything in JavaScript, and the user interface is still quite tricky to manage (specially with moving the camera and objects around in different angles), but the vision that I can now lots of things in 3D and multiple platforms makes me really excited!

Although that would mean my previous knowledge with Cocoa, Objective-C and Cocos2D would not be of much use, still think that's something worth a try - let's see how it goes...

Remember - the 10000 hour rule!

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