Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Personal Hotspot through USB stopped working after upgraded to iOS 5.1.1?? [Fixed in iOS 6!]

I upgraded my iPhone 3GS to iOS 5.1.1 about 2 weeks ago. I always use Bluetooth to connect to Personal Hotspot from my MacBook Pro, and everything seems ok.

However a few days ago, I connected the phone to a Windows 7 laptop using USB cable to share the connection, but it wouldn't work. Thought it's because iTunes version a bit old, updated it to the latest 10.6.3, but still won't work. Tried to connect through Bluetooth but keep getting this "Bluetooth Peripheral Device driver is not found." error....

Strange, must be a Microsoft Windows issue then, right :-) ?  Not exactly, as I tried connecting the iPhone to my MacBook Pro using USB cable, and it doesn't work either, WTF???!! Upgraded to iTunes 10.6.3, still the same. Hmmm....

Searched the net and found quite a few people have the same problem too.

Ok, as I can still connect using Bluetooth to MacBook Pro, so not a major issue. But then none of the other Windows laptop could connect using Bluetooth or USB, which is a pain...

[Update 14/Sep/2012]
Upgraded iTune to the latest V10.7.0.21 today, still not working...
If you ask me the most important feature I need for iOS 6, that would be - please fix the USB Personal Hotspot problem!!

[Update 20/Sep/2012]
Upgraded my phone to iOS6 and good to know that Apple finally got the Personal Hotspot through USB issue fixed. Yeah!

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