Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Another issue with Appirater [with workaround]

Tried Appirater with my other game "Mespfi", which is a pure Cocoa game. Strangely as shown below, all the values stored in Localized.strings wouldn't load properly, only the key name been displayed instead.

First thought was Xcode 4.5 issue or not setup Localization properly after migrated to XCode 4.5, or the Localized.strings file problem. Tried lots of debug logging but still couldn't work out why. Then slowly back-out all the changes one by one, and found that when I disabled Appirater completely (remove the "#import "Appirater.h"" line in AppDelegate.m) then it starts working! What the...

Still not quite sure what's wrong, I then tried moving content from one of the Appirater Localized.strings file to mine and then delete it from Appirater, and it works! Looks like some sort of conflict betweens the new Localized.strings files from Appirater with my existing ones? I deleted all those extra language files which my App doesn't support, and merge the rest into mine, and all works ok after that...

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