Saturday, 1 September 2012

Any one tried "buzzdoes"?

Thanks to a reader's comment, otherwise I never heard of the name buzzdoes before. Had a quick look at the site and found the concept quite interesting - when users clicked on the icon in your app, it lists out all the contacts and encourage your users to tap on it to recommend your app to friends. Pretty cool!

Wonder if any one tried this and what's the experience like (for integrating to your game/app)?

Actually, one of the main thing that caught my attention was noticing the famous game "Tiny Wing" listed in there. I thought there were some reports (e.g. this one) saying the game has "zero marketing" ??

I did try something similar with Ver 1.02 of my Where is it - smart kids edition by adding an email link to encourage users to send an email containing the link to install the game to friends so they can play together. However the way "buzzdoes"does it is definitely much more advanced and your users get rewards too, which definitely makes it more encouraging.

I am just still a bit unclear about the pricing details, the cheapest one is free with 100 "Successful Recommendation" - still not sure how that works. The help says:

buzzdoes motivates your users to recommend to their friend about your app.
We motivate them by giving them rewards, rewards that make the entire experience of telling a friend more enjoyable.
As a developer you set the reward you wish to give to your users. Your users will get those rewards only if their recommendation leads their friend to download your app. In case a recommendation leads to a download it is called Successful Recommendation.

Probably after you app been successfully recommended for 100 times, you run out of credit and have to upgrade to the next level - still no monthly fee but with $69.95 setup fee and it comes with 300 "Successful Recommendation". Mmm... Wonder what if I used up all my "Successful Recommendation" and didn't upgrade, does it stop my users from recommending my app??

Any way, I am busy working on a small project at the moment (no, not a game, but rather an open source template to share with all developers), will certainly give buzzdoes a try after I finish this project.


  1. Hi

    I can say that in my game it caused a pretty nice increase of friends recommendations and it helped creating a buzz around my app.
    I also wondered about what happens when I use up all the Successful Recommendation so I contacted their support (which was very responsive)and was assured that I can stay with the free version. I did however find that the it is much more efficient to upgrade and use those rewards as it is one of the cheapest marketing methods out there and it gained me real users that actually playing my game which is a huge plus.

    btw the way I added it to my iOS version , not sure whether they support other platforms or not


    1. Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. When I last check their web site yesterday, they also have Android version.

  2. Hi
    Arthur from Buzzdoes here.
    Thanks for the good words and we love to see your apps soon with our viral addon.

    As for the question you have raised - Buzzdoes works in a way that once you consume your credits ( for example the 300 Succesful Recommendations ) the addon continue to works as a fun and easy tool to recommend your apps to friends but without the rewarding part - so basically it is a risk free tool .

    If you or your readers has any more questions or need help with creating the the buzz with Buzzdoes you can direct approach me at


  3. Hi, thanks for the comment. I like the name "viral" addon, quite cool. Will certainly give it a try soon, thanks.