Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Problem with TPG??

Tried to logon to my blog from home ADSL2 network, strangely Safari shows a blank screen and hung for a long time. Tried FireFox and this is what I got:

"Server not found" error for the top half, then a huge blue strip, then part of my last post at the bottom. What the??!!

Tried on my iPhone, and it loads up straight away!? Very strange.

I unplugged the network cable, use my iPhone's personal hotspot and everything works!

Must be problem with my ISP TPG and found all sites related to "xxx.blogspot.com" have the same problem. My iPhone uses Telstra network and has no issue browsing all sites. Looks like have to use my iPhone's "more expensive and slow" connection for tonight until issue resolved...

Lucky I have a backup, otherwise would be stuffed.

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