Friday, 7 September 2012

Three Powerful 3D Software from DAZ 3D - free!

Got this info about DAZ 3D from friend, have a quick look and as shown below quite surprised to find that they are offering 3 of their Powerful 3D software for free (only 2 shown in screen dump below as image too long) - that's DAZ Studio Pro 4.5, Bryce Pro 7 and Hexagon 2.5, WOW! 

I heard about the name Bryce ages ago, but to be honest never really paid much attention about it as I wasn't into 3D until started learning Unity recently.

Had a quick look at some of the demo videos and quite impressed with it's powerful features. Wonder how that fits into the Unity world? It's free any way, quick! Go and download it before the free offer ends!

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