Tuesday, 25 December 2012

PVR image not loading issue (glError: 0x0501) with iPod Touch 4th Generation

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone got you wished for!

Bought a 4th generation iPod Touch for kid, one personal reason for that is, I already have an iPhone 3GS and an iPhone 5, therefore need something in the middle to cover all main iPhone models so that I can test all my apps properly, heh heh heh....

So while no one is paying attention to the iPod Touch (busy reading the new Diary of Wimpy Kid book...), I quickly installed my apps on it for a quick test.

Mespfi works perfectly well, that's a tick, good job!

Strangely, Where Is It - Smart Kids Edition (uses Cocos2d) didn't. Although the splash page shows up ok, As below, none of the images for the main menu (and all pages after that as well) loads properly.

Quickly connect to XCode and tried again - it died too, as below due to this "glError: 0x0501" error. But if it works in all versions of simulators, plus iPhone 3GS, iPhone 5 and iPad 2, why doesn't it work with iPod Touch 4th generation??!!

As I have seen this error before (see this post) I know straight away it's due to the size of the texture .pvr files. After shuffle the images around for the iPhone ones, and removed the following 2 lines from the script that creates the texture files using TexturePack, that fixed the problem.

--max-width 4096 \
--max-height 4096 \

Unfortunately App Store won't be available until 28/12, have to wait a few more days to submit the update.

That worries me a bit, I thought all Apple products should be quite similar and wouldn't need to test your apps in all different versions of physical devices?

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