Saturday, 9 March 2013

You get what you paid for

Sometimes you might wonder why Apple charged so much for their products. Just give you 2 examples I heard from friends.

First was the "Lightning to USB cable", Apple charged AU$25.00 in Australia, but you can also get something similar from ebay for about AU$5.00. So how bad is the quality of the cheap ones if it cost only 1/5 of the Apple ones?

A friend of mine got one from an Hong Kong ebay seller and she was quite happy with it for a few weeks. Then one day somehow she found the cable was sort of stuck with the phone, so she pulled a little bit harder and the white plaster cover fell off. That is, from this

to this:

She was a bit shock and since then the plastic thing came off quite easily. As it's still working ok, she later got her boy friend to apply some super glue on it and that fixed the problem...

The second one was also similar, but with a different product - a "Lightning to 30-pin Adapter" which Apple charged AU$35.00 in Australia, and you can get something similar from ebay for around AU$3.00, which is more than 10 times difference!

Another friend who bought one from ebay, found the gray coloured plastic thing around the 30 pin adapter side keep falling off whenever he try to unplug the adapter as shown below. And as shown below he could then easily pop out the whole circuit board by pressing on the lightning connector side.

My friend was however very lucky as this happened the 2nd day after goods received. He complained to the ebay seller who was also based in Sydney, and received another new one within a few days. When asked about sending the faulty one back, the seller doesn't even want it (May be it's so cheap that it doesn't worth the effort??) I told him about the super glue fix, he tried it and that works too. He now got 2 functioning adapters for the price of one, and was very happy about it...

So would you pay 5 or 10 times more for accessories from Apple shop? Both my friends recon they still saved a lot even with the extra cost of a super glue ... :-)

[Update Oct/2013]
I bought one of those lightning USB cables, and looks like it killed my MacBook Pro. See this post for further details...

So, definitely don't recommend to use any of those cheap cables on your Mac!!

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