Thursday, 25 April 2013

iPad 2 damaged after accidental drop

My little one dropped my iPad 2 to the floor accidentally while walking down the stairs... Even though it's protected in a cover, the volume on/off buttons, the volume up/down buttons all stopped working. Now we can't play any music or sound from the device any more, and it always display this huge gray square icon image in the middle of the screen all the time, very annoying...

After removed from the case, can visually see 2 damaged spots...

Wonder how much would cost to fix it... May be time to get a new iPad 4 or iPad mini, or better wait until end of June as WWDC 2013 is coming and there will definitely be new products announced??!!

Sent an email to the iExpert guys where I normal get my iDevices repaired and received response within minutes as below even though it's public holiday today (ANZAC day) in Australia:

The price will depend on whether we need to remove the glass or not. If we need to remove the glass, there is a risk of breakage that needs to be factored into the cost.

If it is a minor dent that can be removed without lifting the glass, we would charge a $25 service charge.

If the glass needs to be lifted, we would charge $65.

In rare cases, the dent damages the switches underneath the volume button. If this is the case, the switches can be replaced for $89.

We can determine the price upon inspection of the device. Please note that when Aluminium is bent it creates small white streaks in the metal. There will be a permanent minor cosmetic blemish after the repair.
Will see how it goes, fingers crossed...

Lucky it's only the button been stuck due to the dent, the audio and other parts are still functioning. Only cost me $40!! Yeah!

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