Friday, 27 September 2013

Apple Stores should provide this extra service to all developers

One of the problem I have with iOS development is, I can't afford to have all different kind of iOS devices - iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod, ....etc for testing

For example, for iPad, I only have an old iPad 2. Because my child dropped it a while back and although it's been repaired, I test my game found that it only plays background music but wouldn't play the sound effect. Since it works perfectly while running on my iPod 4th gen, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 5, I always thought it's due to the damaged hardware and didn't pay too much attention to it. Until I borrowed an iPad 3 from friend the other day and tested my games again. Damn, still only background music and no sound effect! I then realised there's indeed a bug somewhere in my game!

So who would you ask for help when there's problem getting different kind of iOS devices? The Apple stores of course! I made an appointment with the city Apple store through the net for the coming Monday and thought it's a really good idea. A few days before that, I happened to walk pass another Apple store in one of the shopping centres, so I thought, since I am here, may be have a quick chat with the guys in there. Surprisingly, the answer is NO! I am welcomed to play around with all the iOS devices on display in the shop, but I am not allowed to install any app in there and they do not provide this kind of service for developers. WTF!

Since there's so many iOS devices in every Apple stores and so many "experts" around, surely it wouldn't be too difficult to have one of each model specially reserved for developers to test their app, right? Once done, just erase everything, how difficult can that be??!! Not happy, Apple, not very happy...

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