Friday, 6 September 2013

Multiple Problem with Cocos2D v1 [Fixed]

While busy for the 3rd game, tried to update Nextpeer/Flurry frameworks for my 2 existing games. Mespfi works perfectly, uploaded to App Store, and just waiting for approval. But Where is it - smart kids edition is giving me lots of trouble.

First of all is this annoying warning messages. According to info from stackoverflow, this could be due to duplicate files in the "Build Phases => Copy Bundle resources" area. But if you look at those 4 files, they are the localised file therefore they are mean to have the same file name, what the... Any way will just ignore it.

Also tried to lift the "deployment target" from iOS 4.3 to 5.0, but then it starts complaining about Cocos2D 1.0 uses some deprecated functions as shown below.

I ignored it and proceed with upload to App Store, and it was rejected as below...

I checked Cocos2d iPhone download site, it's still the same version 1.01 as what I was using. So i tried change back to iOS 4.3 deployment target, still get rejected by Apple with the same error... Looks like I am stuck? Have to upgrade to Cocos2d V2 ??!!

Following information from this page on stackoverflow, I replaced the 2 lines using "uniqueIdentifier" to "IdentifierForVendor"and that seems to have fixed the problem.

The 2 places I fixed:

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