Sunday, 22 September 2013

Upgraded to XCode 5

After paid extra $$$ and a long wait, finally downloaded OS X 10.8.4 and got it installed. Have to admit the process was quite smooth.

After the installation, the first boot up/logon was quite slow - probably due to system searching through the disk for all sorts of stuffs. After that, and another few more updates, here you go - OS X 10.8.5.

Luckily only VMWare Fusion is having incompatibility issue - I rarely use that any way, so no big deal.

Now the icon shows a white icon on top at the Dock.

Finally have the chance to install the main character - XCode 5, again the process was quite smooth.

After Xcode 5 installed, the first thing I noticed, is the extra "iPhone Retina (4-inch 64-bit)" option for iOS Simulator.

Tested my games in the 64-bit simulator and was quite happy that they all worked. Might need to wait until I can get hold of an iPhone 5s to see how it actually works.

A few minor issues though, strangely for both games, at the top of screen it always show the carrier, time and battery status in the 64 bit simulator - but when deployed to my iPhone 5, they don't display. Has the command to hide the status bar changed?

Also for "Where is it", the new iOS7 Game Center pops up in the simulator as expected, but it's in Portrait mode even though the game is in Landscape.

It also complaints and listed quite a few warnings for Cocos2D, wonder how is this going to be resolved...

Also noticed as shown below, the app seems to be expecting quite a few extra icons in various extra different sizes, and for iPad Launch Images, even though the dimensions are the same, it's expecting 4 more new images too. As my games are already close to the 50MB size threshold, adding these extra images would surely cross the line - which means any future updates can't be deployed directly and has to be done through Wi-Fi, this would be a pain...

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