Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Damn! iOS Patch 7.0.6 killed my iPhone 5s !!

After successfully applied the 7.0.6 patch to my iPhone 5 over WiFi, logically I just apply the same patch to my iPhone 5s also through WiFi….. and then it died!!! WTF!

The screen shows this image to indicate I should connect to iTune (photo taken from iPhone 5 after connected the iPhone 5s to cable).

But in iTune it shows the device is in "Recovery Mode" and I was forced to restore the iPhone from backup. Wait, my last backup is more than 2 months ago, does this mean I am going to lose all my data/photo/apps in past 2 moths??!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tried to stop it, but it wouldn't let me. Tried switch it off and on again, tried all buttons, holly crap! That's not very user friendly??!! Shouldn't you give me a chance to cancel the update and back up my data first??!!

Sucks! Really sucks! After various attempts I have no choice but to restore from that 2 months old backup and lost lots of stuff….. Stupid patch! And looks like I am not alone : see this link where lots of people having similar issue….

At least I learned a lesson, no longer trust any update from Apple any more, will definitely perform more regular backup - specifically before any update! Plus, may be update from iTune is safer than using Wifi!?

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