Thursday, 13 February 2014

Everyplay sounds very interesting, but my game doesn't use OpenGL?!

While studying descriptions of other games in App Store, noticed quite a few of them mentioned "Powered by Everyplay", for example, this one from Chasing Yello Friends:

"New video sharing powered by Everyplay, which allows you to show off your high scoring games!"

Did some study on it and quite surprised to find lots of popular games (bad piggies, hill climb racing, …etc) already using Everyplay to provide video play back and sharing function, this is amazing! Imagine your players can easily play back a video of the whole game (recorded while playing the game!) and then share it on the net!

They also have quite a few videos in YouTube, for example this one:

I am really excited about this and quickly signed up and downloaded their iOS SDK. Then I was stuck while trying to follow their tutorial  - the only iOS tutorial is using OpenGL but none of my game uses OpenGL and I don't have an "EAGLView" or "createFrameBuffer" method… Urh…. what now? Tried to search on the net and stackoverflow, but no one mentioned such silly newbie question like mine and I couldn't find any info about this in their Developer's FAQ section either.

Sent an email about this to their support area, let's wait and see what they say…

[Update 14/Feb/2014]

Happy valentines day everyone.

Bad news for me though, as I received email confirming what I don't like to hear - Everyplay requires OpenGL!! It would make every beginner's life easier if they can simply add this info to their FAQ...

Well, may be next time, as Everyplay still works with Cocos2D and Unity, may be can try later if there's any other future game using Cocos2D or Unity. Looks like they don't support Sprite Kit either…. Hmmmmm, that's another factor to consider while choosing between Sprite Kit or Cocos2d for future projects, as the function provided by Everyplay is really cool….

[Update 06/Nov/2014]
Everyplay now supports SpriteKit! See my latest post about this.

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