Thursday, 14 August 2014

Open Source game rejected by Apple because of the word "Demo" mentioned in the description

OMG! My Open Source game was rejected by Apple!

Checked the "Resolution Center" and as shown below, it's because of this rule '2.9 Apps that are "beta", "demo", "trial", or "test" versions will be rejected' ... Never heard of that??!!

I guess lots of people are like me who never carefully study and remember each and every rule and policy and whatever clauses and conditions for App submission...

Ok, I reviewed what I entered and have to admit that I did mention the word "Demo" in the description:

"Demo game with full source code in objective-c available on blog URL specified within the game."

But, but, but it's a fully functioning game!.... Well, don't think the chance of arguing and winning would be that high. So I changed the word "Demo" to "Simple" and resubmitted the game, another long week of waiting, damn!

Hope you find this information helpful and none of you ever made the same mistake like me!

[Updated 02-Sep-2014]

See this "Common App Rejections" page published by Apple.

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