Friday, 6 March 2015

ARDroneSDK3 does not support 64 bit !?! (Fixed)

Tried to create a new project and build a new App using the ARDroneSDK3, as below, keep getting the "symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64" error for all the ARDroneSDK3 libraries.

Checked with "lipo -info", and as expected, only supports "armv7", "armv7s" and "i386". Missing the "arm64" architecture for 64 bit.

Well, I can manually turn it off, and it will still run on 5s/6/6Plus in 32 bit. Problem is, I remember a while back Apple announced that after certain date (sometime this year?) all iOS apps must support 64 bit. Which means until Parrot releases 64 bit support for their SDK, we won't be able to release any iOS app.....What a pain...

[Update 08/Mar/2015]

According to this link from Apple, it's 1st Feb 2015. So it already started...

And according to this page from Parrot github, they are working on it (ETA 6th Mar ?), hopefully it will fixed very soon.

[Update 08/Mar/2015]
Realised there has been some updates on the ARSDKBuildUtil, so I downloaded from github again and rebuilt the iOS part.

After a few trials, found that when it prompted about what to do about "updated" local file for "Sample" and "curl", have to select "6) Reset" and confirm that you really want to reset it, then it happily rebuilt everything.

As below, in the 2nd last line, can now clearly see that there's an extra "arm64" added, which means it now supports 64 bit as well! Good job! Will put the updated SDK to the Xcode project tomorrow...

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